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07 Oct

Mastermind Event: Justice League of Real Estate Investors


Over the course of my investing career I’ve encountered some amazing mentors that have got me to where I am today and truly admire. Not only have they helped move me in a positive direction but they’ve also become very good friends along the way.

Earlier this month I reached out to these friends and each of them have agreed to be on one stage in one incredible evening to share their wealth of knowledge and the mistakes they’ve made along the way to steer you away from the headaches they had to endure.


 $20 at the door!!


It’s an all-star line-up and this event is going to sell out fast!


Joey Ragona – Business Coach
Gary Hibbert – Joint Venture/Rent to Own
Nicole Bridges – Property Management
Alex Bell – Investment Property Insurance
Monika Jazyk – Wealth Builder
Kasey Wong – Multi Family Residential
Todor Yordanov – Pre-Construction Specialist
Ryan Carr – Legalize 2 Unit Homes
Gillian Irving – Student Rental
Darlene Hibbert – Financing Specialist

Reserve your seats now, this class is going to sell out FAST!!
6:45pm – Doors open
6:45 – 7:10 – mix and mingle
7:10 – 7:45 – Joey Ragona
7:45 – 8:00 – break
8:00 – 9:30 – Panel Discussion
9:30 – 9:40 – closing remarks
9:40 – 10:00 – mix and mingle


Joey Ragona

Joey Ragona is the CEO of JDR Investments,  a professional real estate investment company, founder of Engaged and the creator Real Estate Joint Venture Presentation Formula.


A full-time investor since 2007 and joint venture specialist and he is an in-demand high performance coach helping real estate entrepreneurs get “unstuck” to build a business that returns personal freedom without sacrificing their lives.

His lifetime business knowledge, experience and marketing expertise has already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find clarity and define new systems and strategies to create a stable business that no longer controls their lives giving them the true freedom they’ve always wanted.

As for the coaches and mentors I’ve trained with (some are still to this day)  Greg Habstritt, John Assaraf, Brendon Burchard, Eben Pagan…


Gary Hibbert

In 2010 Gary Hibbert was able to start one of Durham’s fastest growing Real Estate investing company. Each day he get to work with action takers, learn from some of the best entrepreneurs in the business and mentor beginning investors looking to change their lives for the better. Being able to design a lifestyle of your choice is not an easy feat however, it’s attainable as long as you have passion and know what your why is.


Gary is also a licenced Realtor and published his first Real Estate Investing book on the Rent to Own Strategy in 2012. He is also received the Chairman’s Award for 2013 &2014 and President’s Club and Producer Award for 2015 at Right at Home Realty Inc. He is the Co-host of Smart Home Choice Reality TV and the Host of Smart Home Choice Podcast that focuses on the education of Real Estate Investing.


His passion is people and enjoys working with both buyers and sellers for their personal needs and Investment Solutions.


Nicole Bridges

My family has always owned their own investment properties since I was a young girl living in my home town.


As a result I have had my own buildings and homes for which I managed and understood the importance of good management.  I have decided to go public with my services and now have over 300 doors for which my team and I manage.


I have come up with the name of RYIS properties to honour my two boys who are young adults today, one who is in an apprenticeship to become a plumber who is named Ryan and my second boy, special needs who was born with Fragile X Syndrome and is living with me and is involved in a day program and his name is Kurtis……….RYIS (first two letters of Ryan and last two letters from Kurtis)


I have been educated as a legal administrator in which gave me the training for detail and also worked as a recruiter and had various administrative functions.


Alex Bell

“I am a real estate investor but my core business is as a Commercial Insurance Broker with a focus/specialization in the Real Estate vertical. My entire practice is focused exclusively on working with real estate investors and developers and I have access to best in class solutions/products throughout every stage of the real estate cycle. Simply put, due to the focus/expertise in this space I have been able to negotiate better rates/terms with insurance companies for real estate investors and property management groups. The goal or deliverable to my clientele is to advocate as a trusted advisor and provide mentoring with respect to the insurance piece when it pertains to real estate investing.”



Monika chose Real Estate as an investment vehicle to build passive income and long term wealth for their growing family. After a tumultuous two years of actively investing in a wide range of Real estate Investment strategies , Monika identified specific Real Estate models they used to create a successful real estate portfolio and a lifestyle of freedom for themselves and their four young children.


She is co-owner with her husband Vaughn of Real Property Investments, a Real Estate Investment Corporation that helps Real People build Real wealth through Real Estate!


Kasey Wong

Kasey is equipped with a plethora of property management skills and experience in rental properties and condominium buildings that typically range from 100-300 suites.  Since his first real estate acquisition in 2003 together with Jedidiah until today, Kasey has managed over 3000 units ranging from high-end high-rise condominium buildings, townhomes to retail condominium plazas.


His prior employers include Brookfield Residential Services, CAPREIT and some other boutique property management firms.  From owner-occupied high-end residential units to tenant-occupied mid-market apartment buildings, Kasey has accumulated a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience in areas such as building structure, elevator modernization, energy retrofit, solar panels, etc.


Todor Yordanov

Todor Tordanov is a Real Estate Investor and active Real Estate Agent. His tagline is “Rediscover Dreams and Possibilities”. Todor believes in holistic achievement of dreams that will benefit and influence those around him. He promotes education, support and most of all action that creates positive results.


Todor invests, develops, coaches, educates and gives back to the community. He is also involved in real estate development of creative spaces, mixed use projects for lower income or subsidized income rental units and condos.


Ryan Carr

Ryan Carr is a full time real estate investor from the Durham Region who specializes in maximising residential rent potential using his “vertical split” renovation technique.  His company, R.W. Carr Investments, has created a sustainable portfolio through the use of joint venture funding, and has also recently branched out into mentorship programs for newcomers to the industry.


Gillian Irving

Gillian likes to say she was an “accidental investor”, when she bought a duplex in downtown Toronto back in 2009 with little planning or preparation. She was able to ride the value up, refinance to get capital to keep growing. Gillian wanted to leave her job and provide long-term financial security for her disabled son and three other children.


Gillian decided to become a serious student of real estate investing and combined what she learned with her professional skills as a market research analyst to purchase 35 doors in Southern Ontario in 18 months.  Today, Gillian is a full time investor and entrepreneur, focused on student rental investing with joint venture partners.


Darlene Hibbert

If you were to ask me 10 years ago where I would see myself today; I never would have guessed co-owner in a real estate investment firm, working from home and a mortgage agent. Back then, 10 years ago life was simple working in the corporate world of work-pay, work-pay. Yes the concept of consistent pay was attractive, the only problem was there was no balance for work and home. I came across a business philosopher named Jim Rohn.


There were 2 important lessons he taught me. The first one was: “The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch.” The second one, “Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.” These philosophies allowed me to leave the corporate world and essentially opened my mind to a broader spectrum of creative entrepreneurial opportunity. I became my own boss.

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