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09 Mar

Mastermind Event – March 29th @ 7pm


  • How to Leverage Social Media 
  • Safer Real Estate Investing Strategies

I know I’m suppose to Tweet, Facebook, post some articles on Linkedin and jump on Google + every so often to talk to my audience. But what if I do all of this social media stuff but I don’t get the response I want?

What do you do next?
I suggest you talk to Sue Sutcliffe if you want to know how to become an authority on Social Media.

Sue Sutcliffe
Sue will be teaching you tips & tricks to better leverage the most popular social media spaces to drive more customers to your site, sell houses faster, find buyers and sellers, build your buyer’s list and market your wholesale real estate deals. This stuff isn’t easy and you need to learn from an expert.

Sue Sutcliffe is a recognized Internet pioneer that has been helping people market their products and services on the web since 1993 — before most people even knew what the web was.

Witty, passionate and clever, this dynamic entrepreneur loves sharing the website and social media marketing love through regular webinars, live events and hands-on training events. She also has a booming coaching practice at AWEBthatWORKS where she coaches her clients on website and social media marketing as well as social networking — both online and off.

Chris Nichilo
Most individual have their own opinion about Real Estate investing and while some believe it’s one of the safest asset classes, other believe the tenant will cause more damage then it’s worth.

What if I could introduce you to a safer way to invest in Real Estate without becoming a landlord, worrying about maintaining the property, or any other  tenant related issues?

My good friend Chris will be sharing exactly how you can do just that and create a better and steady return than any mutual fund or stock can provide.

Chris launched a company known today as Magnetic Mortgages and Investing Inc., a fully licensed mortgage brokerage. In addition to it’s brokering activities, the company has made it’s true mark in the mortgage arena with a proprietary mortgage payoff acceleration strategy called “The Method” which teaches Canadians how to build equity in their homes up to 5 times faster than normal using the same money. In 2009, a collection of those who had been touched, moved, and inspired by The Method, became curious about what other parts of their personal finance portfolio were under performing, and what solutions were available.

Finding a reliable solution for this widespread problem would become the newest mission of MMI. That mission has become the company’s most impressive success story in a short period of time. Over the last 5 years, Magnetic has been responsible for successfully helping its clientele invest over $15,000,000 into private mortgages. To date, investors have average a fixed annual return on investment of over 8% per year, with zero loss of capital.

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