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19 Oct

Making Moves | Aswal and Ammoi


It’s always amazing meeting new investors looking for a better way to invest their hard earned money in a vehicle that’s going to produce good returns. When I first met Aswal and Ammoi at our Fast Start training, they had some tough questions and they paid close attention to our presentation. This is always a good sign of true interest to succeeding.


Without a doubt, this is exactly what happened in a few short months. 2 properties acquired and working on their 3rd. True action takers and another example of how money follows speed. Congratulations Aswal and Ammoi, keep it moving!


Gary Hibbert


I still remember like it was yesterday when I stumbled onto Smart Home Choice youtube channel. I actually remember the point in the “Fast Start Real Estate Training For Beginning Investors” video that said  ‘having only a few sources of income was not fully stable’ and it led me on my journey into real estate.


Being a devoted christian, husband and a father of 3 growing boys I wanted stability and real estate was a great option. The next obstacle was how do I go about doing it?


I’ve seen the video and heard what SHC was about, but still felt unsure if this was the route to take and if SHC team would lead me astray? All my concerns and worries were quickly addressed and resolved after attending their beginners workshop. My path became much clearer on how to progress;

SHC is truly a one stop shop for real estate investment, however, SHC is not just a company, it’s a family. Gary and Darlene took me and my wife and made us apart of that family and guided us through what we needed to do to begin our real estate journey.


They not only advise us on what to do but showing and teaching us along the way. They were transparent by sharing their bumps and trials that they have encountered along the way and made it easy for us to move forward. And by doing so we’ve gained experience and knowledge. In 8 months we now have 2 properties in our portfolio that are long-term holds and looking out for more opportunities.

Thank you Smart Home Choice.

Aswal and Ammoi

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