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05 Mar

Ingredients: A Pinch of Chance and A Tablespoon of Courage

To become good at anything you have to become a good student. About 7 years ago I decided to stop blaming other people for where I was in life and started to understand why I was where I was. One of the key learnings when I first started investing in Real Estate was to become a good story teller.

Now to become a good story teller I began to study people who started with nothing and made it work. People who didn’t have much money but had the courage. So life is a bit difficult,  you have some opposition, major failures and huge set back’s… what else is new. This is life and if you study other peoples struggles and their stories to success, this is the beginning of sowing the seeds to designing the life you want. If you don’t have much money all you need is courage. Now the question is always, what if you don’t have the courage? How do you find it?

The best way to grow and to start believing in yourself is to start with baby steps. You don’t need a promise or a guarantee all you need is a chance. The very first time my courage began to grow was when I attended my first Mastermind event filled with other entrepreneurs and investors. So let me share a short story with you on how I was able to start investing with only $1500 from a line of credit (not even my own money) to now be in a position to help other people grow mentally and financially.

Just before the key note speaker was going to present, the organizer went around the room and asked everyone to introduce themselves. This was a room filled with 40 other people and as they all took their turns to speak, there were people that didn’t have a single property to investors who had over 100 investment properties!!

How is this even possible? Here I was, with only 1 investment property under my belt and not a clue on how I was going to be able to acquire another one. When the meeting was over, I introduced myself to the investors in the room that were where I was aspiring to reach. Each of them had their own unique story, but everyone was willing to share their story of where they started and how they were able to get to where they are today. The main thing each of them had in common was sharing this common phrase with me, which I want to share with you,

“If I can do it, you can do it”!

They helped me see myself better than I was. I realized I could change the direction I was heading over night, but only if I decided. You see, the choice was mine and mine alone. Life is not just the passing of time, it’s a collection of experiences, measured by its intensity and frequency.

Don’t be scared to experience life. Live it, love it and try your best to design it to the best of your ability. Record and write down your experiences to become a good story teller so you can begin to inspire yourself and the people around you.

Gary Hibbert

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