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08 Jul

I Almost Died…

The biggest obstacle that stops most people from doing what they want to do is the FEAR of the unknown! I’ve always wanted to skydive but have always had this incredibly fear of heights. I mean, what if something goes wrong, the shute doesn’t open or we spiral out of control.

Jumping out of a plane 10,000 feet over Cuba is at the top of the list of death defying acts right? I mean, how CRAZY do you have to be to do something like that?

Here’s the interesting thing about Skydiving and I didn’t realize it until we landed on the beach of our own resort. Like anything else, from beginning to end we followed a process, stuck to the game plan and executed it flawlessly! The instructor that jumped with me has over 15 years experience, jumps 4 – 5 times a day and has had over 3000 jumps.

The BIG question I had was….. why is he still alive? It’s actually really simple:

  • He has a great team that he works with and trusts
  • He continues to execute the same process over and over again

When we fill our homes, we follow a proven system that works just like the team of professional Skydivers. When we talk to prospective tenants on the phone, we execute the same process each time to get them out to the house. When they arrive, we follow the same process every single time.

Before they leave the property, we make sure we try to get them all to do the same thing. We execute the same process that has worked for us for the last 5 years and we continue to see great results every time because we have a great team and a system that works.

Everyone has asked me the same question…. were you scared?? My answer was ‘YOU DAMN RIGHT’ but only before I convinced myself that I was actually going to jump. Once the decision was made, the fear just vanished especially once I saw the team of professionals that were jumping with us and the training we received prior to going into the plane.

So was jumping out of a plane 10,000 feet over Cuba fun?? it was one of the BEST thing’s I’ve ever done in my life. Seeing 5 of my closest friends in the air with me gliding over the beautiful Country of Cuba…. PRICELESS!

Regret weighs a TON and DISCIPLINE weighs ounces.

Gary Hibbert

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