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05 Apr

Working Her Way to the Top | Han

Han is a quick study and a tireless action taker. Han joined our team mid 2016 and has been on fire since.  After helping her to understand the main criteria and aspects of the accessory apartment legalization process, she dove right in!  We put in several failed offers, but she kept making the hour long trek and kept coming out because she saw the opportunity and she wanted to make it work.

Soon, we found a great home, at an incredible price, that she has since converted into a legal 2-unit and is loving the forced appreciation.  She obviously liked the process and understood the potential, that she has since purchased 2 more properties and is on the hunt for more. 

What can I tell you?  Quick study! 


After attending to one of the fast start training sessions and getting to know more about SHC, I decided not to wait on the sideline anymore and took action to join as a member. After understanding my needs and goals, Chris took me shopping for houses, tirelessly. Even though we lost a few offers in the bidding wars, I have learned a lot about investing in Durham region through the houses we visited.

Chris is no doubt the local expert and is always available and willing to help. For the house we ended up buying, not only did he help me straighten out the entire process in inspecting and financing the property, Chris had also gone above and beyond in helping me obtain tenant declaration, which made the processes with the City much smoother when trying to convert it into a 2-unit.

A huge thank you to Chris and the entire SHC team for creating such a great experience!



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