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14 May

Don’t Ever Stop Doing This 1 Single Thing

Last week Laure from 6 Degrees Real Estate Mixer invited me to talk to her group of Real Estate Investors about my story and how I was able to leave my 9 to 5 job to follow my passion. She’s got a fantastic group and if you get a chance, I highly recommend you attend one of her meetings.

After my presentation, I realized something very important.

By attending these events on a regular and consistent basis, it enabled me to network with the right people and it also allowed me to develop my understanding of the Real Estate market and it’s many strategies. I know you’ve heard this a hundred times, but yes… I ONLY started with $1500 from my line of credit. So anyone can do this.

There are many benefits to attending networking events but these are the 2 advantages I received and continue to receive from my own group and the others I attend.

Advice From Experts And Experienced Peers
When you attend meetings, seminars, or just simply sit down and talk to members and guest speakers in real estate investment clubs, you have access to insider information gathered firsthand. While you can research the real estate game on your own by reading books, magazines, and through trial by error, this does not give you the benefit of speaking to someone else who was once in your position.

The information you get from a real estate investment club is invaluable, and will help you to make the right real estate investment decisions for you and your financial situation. So, whether you are ready to jump right in and purchase your first property, or are just in the information gathering stage of the process, talking to members of real estate investment clubs will only serve to your benefit.

Invest In Properties You May Not Otherwise Be Able To Afford
One of the many benefits of real estate investment clubs is that many times members work together and pool their resources to purchase larger properties that one individual person in the group would not be able to afford alone. Joint Partnership is the way I was able to grow my portfolio incredibly fast. It also allows you to invest in larger properties such as apartment buildings or commercial real estate.

Additionally, these types of properties can begin turning you and your fellow investors a profit almost immediately, IF you’ve been a good student and understand the importance of cash flow.

I can’t stress how important a real estate investment club can be to your success. Find a club in your area and schedule an appointment or join them for a meeting to see which ones you like. While going it alone sometimes seems like the better path when it comes to investments, there is much to be said for having a network of experts and support to back you up.
Gary Hibbert

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