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07 Sep

Climbing to the Top | Renee and Wayne

There is something to be said about whiteboards and vision boards.  They work!  

Renee knows these tools are a huge part of her and her families success.  In fact, she has put several properties for this year alone on her vision board and they are well on their way.  They have picked up two properties and is currently working on their third. Renee is successful in many aspects of her life, and credits that success to her ability to take action!  She moves in a forward direction… always.  Wayne however is the more conservative of the pair, and together they make a great match.

Renee has been a member since only early this year and is really off to a fantastic start.  We are incredibly proud of Renee and Wayne’s achievements so far. 

Christopher Hummell


I began my real estate investing in Jan 2017. I had attended several real estate meetups and groups to try to learn as much as I could about this new venture.  I had set high goals for myself and knew I needed to align myself with someone who had done this before so I could continue to learn from them and speed up my  learning curve as opposed to doing it on my own. I had identified the area I was going to focus on, Oshawa. Hence I wanted to find a Real Estate group that has expertise in this area.

I found Smart Home Choice, was assigned to Christopher Hummell and as they say, “the rest is history”.  I joined Smart Home Choice in Feb/March. I have since closed on one property in June, will be closing one next week on my second and just put a third under contract!

This is very exciting!  This would not have possible without the help of Chris, who was assigned as my Coach when I joined. We discussed my goals and what I was looking for and Chris and I got to work. We visited several properties looking for a property that would work for my goals, i.e. have a secondary suite (or could become a secondary suite) for additional income.

Chris was with me every step of the way, pointing out important features of secondary suites, teaching me how to run my numbers to see if the investment made sense and just overall investor education in our frequent discussions.

It was soon apparent that I was priced out of the Oshawa market , so I knew I needed to change my strategy not my goal. We headed over to Peterborough! Chris had been researching Peterborough for some time so was a wealth of knowledge and an awesome resource on the economic fundamentals of Peterborough. He was with me every step of the way, from locating the properties, helping me with open houses, to tenant screening, to minor fix ups  and everything in between.

Real Estate investing is serious business with a lot of money in play, however with Chris’s awesome personality, energy and strong real estate investing knowledge, he makes all this learning fun! Chris is a key member of my Power team.  He is in tuned to his customers needs, works hard to help customers build their knowledge and confidence and as all good coaches do, he tells his players when it’s time to get off the bench and get in the game!


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