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31 Mar

Podcast – Anybody Can Do This With Monika and Vaughan Jazyk

Monika and Vaughan Jazyk , chose Real Estate as an investment vehicle to build passive income and long term wealth for their growing family. After a tumultuous two years of actively investing in a wide range of Real estate Investment strategies , Monika and Vaughan identified specific Real Estate models they used to create a successful real estate portfolio and a lifestyle of freedom for themselves and their four young children.

They are the owners of Real Property Investments, a Real Estate Investment Corporation that helps Real People build Real wealth through Real Estate!

As Real Estate Investment specialists and wealth builders, they share these successful models ( and their experiences) with others investors, minimizing the investor’s risk and maximizing their returns!

What you will learn on this Podcast

• Why traditional investments don’t work on their own
• The importance of picking up a Real Estate Investing Book
• How many different investment strategies should you focus on
• Should you refinance your investment properties
• What’s more important, quality or quantity
• How can you get infinite returns investing in Real Estate
• What’s better, appreciation or cash-flow
• Can I do this without being a Landlord
• Should you do Joint Venture partnerships or on your own
• How to make sure you don’t get caught in a BUBBLE

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