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28 Oct

Real Estate Investing Workshop For Advanced Investors ~ Wednesday November 15th @ 6:45pm

Host: Gary Hibbert and Chris Hummell
Topic: Real Estate Investing Workshop For Advanced Investors
When: Wednesday November 15th @ 6:45 PM EST
Where: Right At Home Toronto Branch – 1396 Don Mills Road,
Toronto, ON    M3B 0A7

Free 90 minute Advanced Real Estate Training Class

Eventbrite - Real Estate Investing Workshop For Advanced Investors- FREE

If this is you and you feel frustrated because you want to keep building your wealth through Real Estate investing then you’ve landed on the right page. Just like you, we struggled, we failed and we didn’t know how to keep our momentum going.

Early in our investing careers we faced HUGE obstacles. 2 major ones in fact!

 1. How do we continue to get bank financing?

2. Where could we find additional money?

We attended seminars, workshop and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to find the best solutions. Guess what? We did it and now we want to share everything with you in 90 minutes for FREE!

Here are 3 VERY IMPORTANT concepts we figured out that changed our lives forever;

  • How we found money that our financial advisor never showed us
  • How we used credit to our advantage safely and wisely
  • How Joint Ventures worked and how to legally protect ourselves

I’m embarrassed to say this but we had no business in the Real Estate investing world in the beginning. We didn’t know what we were doing and we had limited knowledge, funds and purchasing power.

I’m not sure if you have ever felt like this but if you have, we know exactly how you feel.

We are not smarter than anyone else, all we did was get our hands on the Blueprint to success and now we want to share what we’ve learned with you.

This classes are not held often and the seating is limited.

Register today before we are SOLD OUT!


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